We Need to Talk: Mental Health Edition

When it comes down to talking about the rash and hard stuff, We Need to Talk doesn’t shy away. The organization that’s known for causing a buzz around campus decided it was time to talk about something most wouldn’t want to approach: mental health.

Thursday night, there was a slight decrease in number, but voices were heard. That’s to be expected when the topic moves from something light, such as their previous topics. Still the leaders of the discussion kept it going with ease.

Even though the atmosphere was changed, the tone was still the same. There was no judgement as multiple people talked about their everyday live dealing with mental issues that they or the people they know went through.

Some students talked about their dealing with anxiety while starting college, or from previously having the disorder. From the response around the room, a lot of students were able to relate with each other about the feeling of worry that they face on a daily basis.

Other chose to speak on heavier topics, such as PTSD from horrific experiences and spoke freely. Hard words to speak, but We Need to Talk gave them the freedom to express the feelings that were bottled up. The floor was open for the baggage that held them down and We Need to Talk gladly took the weight.

Students comforted each other as stories got heavy, embracing and giving words of comfort when needed. The group was able to address the things that need to talked about and made sure everyone got their turn. There were no pushing others to talk or calling out, giving people the liberty to say what they needed or want.

We Need to Talk chose the right time to push for this session with National Mental Health Day being October 10th. This was a great way to end the week, with Lander University also doing depression screenings free at the health center.


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