Domestic Violence Month – Lander’s Here To Help

For Domestic Violence Month, Lander University is taking steps to ensure that students know that there is help for them. Along with Meg’s House, Lander’s Health Office is issuing help for students dealing with domestic violence.

Interviewing two different students that suffered from domestic violence, they both had different experiences of domestic violence from people that they thought were their friends. Both will remain nameless by request.

The first student, a sophomore business major, stated that she knew that bullying was a form of domestic violence and felt horrible that someone she was close to would treat her like that. She was aware of the mental abuse going on in the relationship but pushed it aside hoping that it would pass, that was not the case.

She was faced with degrading remarks that made her feel less of a human. Once she got out of the situation, she said she only wished that she stood up for herself and got rid of those “friends” that laughed at her.

The second student, a sophomore biology major, stated that she did not know that bullying was a form of domestic violence, that she didn’t know that what she was going through was something so big. The person that was the abuser in this situation was one of friends, someone that she thought would always be in her life. At the young age, elementary school, she didn’t understand that mental and emotional abuse was happening to her.

This caused for her to have self-esteem issues and was unable to see her worth. When the person started to threaten her physically, that’s when the student realized that she had to get help from her parents. From that time own, she was left with knowing that she was better than the person that bullied her.

For more information you can contact Lander’s Health Office or Meg’s House: (843) 227-1421


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